Let’s have a race to the top!

On GoodChange.Earth, you earn points and rise to fame and fortune* by

  1. Saving money and living better by getting in the know and greening up your life and household,
  2. Applying your individual unique skills and expertise working in eco-sectors, starting a new eco-venture or greening your business, and
  3. Participating in the community and sharing your experiences and expertise with others.

By taking the 3 steps above you can thrive authentically, or live your purpose and earn a good living while nurturing (instead of destroying) nature and all life on earth. Good plan, right? By registering an account, you can earn “points” for all the actions you take on GoodChange.Earth that will be redeemable for badges, accolades and other rewards, and get special member benefits.

*By “fortune” we mean living your purpose and earning a good living, while protecting nature and human well-being. By “fame” we mean becoming an expert in your area of passion or expertise.


How do you get started?

  • Register for an account so you can start earning points
  • Once you’re registered and logged in, use the menu on the far left to navigate to and update your profile
  • Start taking target actions
  • Take a quick “Getting Started” course and earn 50 points
  • Knowledge base – dig into your interests
  • Courses – learn about important issues and processes
  • Community – join or start a group
  • Exchange – find resources and target actions, and post good change ventures
  • Ready to take things up a notch? Become a member of the Catalyst Corps.