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Our Moment in Time: Leading the Way to a Better Future for All

Why do we need good change right now? Consider these facts:

#1: US ranks 2nd in total carbon emissions (behind China, which has 4 times the population of the US). Per person, each American’s carbon footprint is 3 times the global average (and way worse than each Chinese person).

Super-fast increases in carbon emissions over the past 100 years or so is causing an unnatural increase in global temperatures, threatening life-supporting ecosystems, rising sea levels threatening coastal populations worldwide, and extreme weather causing disasters and loss of life. Americans and our way of life over many decades are most responsible for this growing problem, and we have less than 10 years to start reversing the damage.

#2: The world uses more resources than the Earth can produce. We normally hit overshoot somewhere in the middle of each year. This is NOT sustainable, and it’s a big risk to all life on Earth.

According to experts: The human impact on life on Earth has increased sharply since the 1970s, driven by the demands of a growing population with rising average per capita income. Nature is currently supplying more materials than ever before, but this has come at the high cost of unprecedented global declines in the extent and integrity of ecosystems, distinctness of local ecological communities, abundance and number of wild species, and the number of local domesticated varieties. Such changes reduce vital benefits that people receive from nature and threaten the quality of life of future generations. Both the benefits of an expanding economy and the costs of reducing nature’s benefits are unequally distributed. The fabric of life on which we all depend—nature and its contributions to people—is unravelling rapidly. Despite the severity of the threats and lack of enough progress in tackling them to date, opportunities exist to change future trajectories through transformative action. Such action must begin immediately, however, and address the root economic, social, and technological causes of nature’s deterioration.

Because of human behavior, the world as we know it is on the precipice of uncontrollable, unknowable risks and change that could negatively impact human health and prosperity unless we act now. This is the biggest challenge of our time, and we are here for it. As Americans, we have a responsibility to stand up and take action, set a good example, and help guide the world towards good change.

At the same time, we all want successful, rewarding careers, and the ability to earn a good living and build wealth. We must learn how to: 

  • Reduce harmful emissions in our communities through individual and systemic actions
  • Increase community resilience by getting new community projects going
  • Increase human connections by getting increased participation online and in person

We aim to educate people about this mindset and an lifestyle change, and experiment on ways to be successful and live a fulfilling lifestyle without harming life.

Actions on GoodChange.Earth include participating in groups, taking courses, viewing content, and sharing on social media, and people can earn points for these actions. We also aim to partner with local businesses and organizations to set up target actions for people in their communities for points on GoodChange.Earth or other rewards (please contact us for more information).

Eventually we aim to offer early financial support for new project and startups. One step at a time. We are in it for the long haul!

First, the mindset:

  1. Everyone has a role to play. We learn to understand how to make positive impact over things we can control.
  2. We have to tools and technology we need; what we lack is the political and individual motivation for change.
  3. There is plenty to go around. It’s totally possible for everyone to live their purpose, earn a good living, and build wealth without destroying life.
  4. Lifelong learning is a requirement. It’s not possible to learn once in your life and expect that to suffice. Things change, and we must learn to roll with the changes.

Second, the lifestyle:

See the “3 Steps” below this section.


Get Inspired

Over the past few years, we’ve been investigating and listening to people out there who’ve already been making good change. There are endless ideas and solutions. We have the technology we need, and we don’t have to go live in caves. It’s just a matter of thinking about things differently. In additions to the videos at the right, we’ve heard:

  • A. Hunter Lovins (video), author of “A Finer Future: Creating an Economy in Service to Life” (book),
  • Michael Shuman (video), author of “The Local Economy Solution” (book),
  • Albert Bates (video), co-author of Burn: Igniting a New Carbon Drawdown Economy” (book),

and so much more. We invite you to browse some of these videos, read the books and get ideas you can apply in your own life.

This is about our history, our country, our livelihoods, and a good future for all. You can watch the clip below, and watch the inspiring full 44-minute presentation here.

It’s about re-connecting with nature, and re-thinking how we can live and work without destroying the world that sustains human life. You can watch the clip below or watch the whole one-hour panel discussion here on innovative and exploratory business models.

3 Steps for Good Change

By working on the three steps below, each of us can learn to to "thrive authentically," where we live our purpose and earn a living while nurturing, not harming, nature and all life on earth.

1. Learn: Understand and optimize your impact.

Everyone's first priority always has to be their own mental and physical health and safety. We need to have clean air and water, adequate shelter, food, education, healthcare, security and mental health. As we build and protect our comfort zone, we have to ensure that we don't harm others or the environment in doing so. To get started:

Understand and evaluate your personal needs and impact.

Think about the things that you really need to be happy and healthy, and how you can cut unnecessary waste.

Ask questions.

Seek out truth in a world of disinformation.

Know your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in a world with a changing climate.

2. Try: Find your niche and be a star.

All kinds of jobs are available in The Climate Economy in areas like clean energy, natural conservation and restoration, and the circular economy just to name a few. And we can create new ventures that are good for the climate, economy and humanity based on our expertise and passions. We can all achieve economic security. To get started:

Explore and learn more about what you love, and how it fits in The Climate Economy.

Try things out.

Measure and evaluate.

Specialize and create value in your area of expertise. 


3. Share: Participate and share your expertise.

Humans need to feel that their lives have meaning and that they personally have value. Belonging and contributing our strengths and experiences to a community is also a basic human need. To get started:

Share and participate.

Build community.

Build connections.

Build trust.

Contribute your expertise.


We will learn lots of lessons along our 3-steps, so we can evaluate, improve and repeat.

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